Thursday, December 13, 2012

November 28, 2012

Elder Lehikainen (left) with his district. They trained together approx 8 wks and then left the MTC to enter the mission field.

Hola!! how are you all how was thanksgiving?? My thanksgiving was awesome Elder Holland and his family came and talked to us. He and his wife told us that we are all there adopted grandchildren and there is nothing that we can do about it he said agency does not apply today lol. I loved hearing his wife speak as well as him but I recently have realized that the wives of these great men are just as close to god as there husbands are and what sweet testimonies they have. My testimony has really grown this past week I was able to receive a blessing from President Wilkins (my branch president) on Sunday and he gave me a very sweet and heartfelt blessing. He talked about me having to trust in the lord and this temporary assignment being a trial of my faith. I truly felt the love of my heavenly father when president Wilkins placed his hands upon my head and I think that is one of the biggest things that I needed to feel. So I am doing alot better and my heart has changed about the referral center  and I think it is going to be a very big blessing for me. Another thing that helped me a ton was D&C 11 it talks about trust and trusting the spirit of the lord. I have come to realize how very important faith is through faith all things all possible and it all makes sense why it is the first principle of the gospel. I have started to study Matthew and I have noticed I dont know why I didnt notice this before but before or after every miracle Christ works he talks about how through there faith they have been made whole. I love in Matthew 8:10 when Christ is talking and he talks about faith. You should study it this week. I still love learning about Christ and I love how everything in this gospel related to him. In our devotional last night it the speaker talked about that and I have really been trying to do that so it really hit home I guess you could say.
  So I had my first chat on today and it was pretty sweet. I was pretty excited to talk to real people that arent our teachers. I am in a new companionship with Elder Medina and Elder Tovar they are both native speaker and waiting on there visas as well elder medina in headed to veracruz with me. It is a blessing to be with 2 spanish speakers I think my spanish is going to improve tremendously. I love how much I am changing I dont even feel like the same person spiritually anymore. I feel as I even more better prepare myself here in the referral center I will be able to go out into the field running full sprint and I still am so excited for that.
  I got the fudge mom and the cinnamon roles and my jacket thank you sooooooooo much you know how I love your cooking. The food here at the MTC is ok but it is nooo where near mamas home cooking lol. I love you all sooo very much and I am so grateful for the family that I have and how close we are. I know that this is where I am supposed to be and I dont know exactly why the lord wants me here in the R.C. but I dont need to I will have the faith to serve him where ever he desires me to go because this day I choose to serve him.
love you  again and may god be with you until we meet again.
-your son, and brother
Elder Ryan Thomas Lehikainen

p.s. I get to use my facebook to look for people so if you see that I am on it is allowed lol and I am in alma 30 in my book of mormon where are all of you at even you Haley girl?

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