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December 31, 2012 Week #2 in Cosamaloapan

Hola hola mi familia,
    How is everything going at home I still cant believe that emily and tyler are engaged that is flipping crazy!! But tyler is an awesome guy and I am very happy for them. Do they have a date or anything like that planned? What temple does emily want to get married in? Mom that is awesome the new program for the youth I was interested to see what they were going to come out with and it sounds amazing. Rachels talk sounds like it was pretty amazing and I am sure she had some amazing amazing experiences in D.C. and I love that she talked about faith and how we all have to act and take that leap. That is the hardest thing to do to put our trust in the lord completely but when we do we come to truly know him and that is when we see his immense love for us.
   Soo didnt get to baptize yesterday :( We walked by her house (marisol) in the morning and she wasnt there for church so after sacrament we went back and she still wasnt there. So we finally got ahold of her after church and she said yeah she still wanted to get baptized and so we told the whole ward so she would be welcomed into the ward. So we walked over to her house around 7 and she said her mom wasnt going to make it then we shared a scripture with her in mosiah 18 and she still said no next week. Her mom waited until an hour before her baptism to say she wasnt going to make it ahhh. So we had to go to the church and tell the whole ward that it wasnt going to happen and it was raining so I felt even worse because they had walked to the church in the rain. But something cool happened when we started our sad walk home in the rain. A man named Williams who has been going to church but in the past didnt want to act and didnt have the faith to act drove by and oh he is a taxi driver anyways he gave us a ride back to our house. We already had an appointment with him for this wed.  But we were able to share a quick message with him and leave him with some reading to do. So more and more I am learning that the lord always has his reasons and it wasnt just coincidence that he was driving by and offered to give us a ride home. The lord truly does work in mysterious ways. We did have one investigator make it to church sunday her name is Erika and she came with her 1 year old son luis. We have been teaching her with her aunt who is a member and actually is endowed. She stayed for 2 hours and I know that she felt that special spirit that is in the church.

She has accepted a baptismal date for the 6 of enero. I am really excited for that.
   The language is pretty tough haha but it will come I need to be patient and it will come with hard work. We study 4 hours every morning which is pretty awesome I have been studying preach my gospel side by side (other side of heaven style lol) every morning for a half hour or so and then study in the Book of Mormon. Then we do companionship study for 2 hours because I am being trained and them we do language study for about an hour. Its pretty funny how much I hated studying before my mission and how much I love it now. These past 2 weeks I have come to love the teachings of king benjamin and his counsel to us. I really love chapter 4 and I guess that is the chapter for this week lol. This morning I was studying in practicad mi evangelio and I realized that I need to start being more real with the people here I need to share more about how much this gospel has blessed my life and how our savior Jesucristo has truly saved me. And how I have felt his tremendous love for me.

I will leave you with this testimony that I know our savior Jesus Christ died for us for your sins and mine and that he knows us, he knows the pains we go through each and everyday. I know that he lives. I know that the book of Mormon is the word of god and I am so blessed to have it in my life. I know that our heavenly father loves us so very much and when we are in need we can turn to him in prayer and he is always there to listen and to love us. I love all of you so much and may god be with you ´till we meet again.


   Elder Ryan Thomas Lehikainen.


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