Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February 4, 2013

 Ahhh mi familia!!! This week was another great week full of miracles. The lord blessed as again this saturday and we were able to baptize Oscar!!! He is such a stud and I feel like he is my brother. I gave him a giant hug after I baptized him. He calls Elder Charles and I his best friends. He has set the example for his Dad,Mom and Sister and I hope and pray that they will take the step of faith and act as there brother and son has. We have another Baptism planned this upcoming sunday for the kids of Javier and they are so excited. We passed for them again this sunday and they were already walking to church in the rain and so excited to feel the spirit there again this week. We ended up having 6 investigators at church what a blessing. Growing up in the church I havent really noticed the spirit that is in sacrament meeting. But these past four months on the mission my eyes have really opened and that is propably my favorite part of the week.
  Dang so tyler is beasting at baseball atta boy. Work, Work, and Work at the fundamentals and you will tear it up bud never be satisfied. So the superbowl was a good one. I am glad the 49ers lost I dont like niner fans haha. So I have been thinking that I havent really told you all very much about my area and thought I would today. So Cosamaloapan is the name of my area and we have about 65 sq miles in my area but we stay near the city most of the time. I am in a cowboy town lol they grow a ton of sugar cane down here like a rediculous amount. It is kinda cool cause everyone is kinda involved in agriculture and I can talk to them about it and what you do for a living dad. There is a sugar cane plant in the next town over and the ash from the plant is always raining down on us. There are soooo many dogs here like a rediculous amount of sick and diseased dogs. They are always fighting in the streets pretty crazy. We saw 3 dog fights yesterday like big dog fights 4 on 4. I am never going to complain about the dogs in america again even charlie boy dad haha.
   Dang I am sooooo pumped for Colton he is going to be such a stud. His family is going to be very blessed for his willingness to serve the lord and I cant imagine how very proud his father is of the man he has become.
  Soooo this week I hit 3 nephi 11!!! Nothing is better than reading the words of Christ to us. This morning I was studying in chapter 14 and 15. I really love in the end of 14 when the lord is talking about where we need to build our house upon the ROCK. He is our rock and we must build upon him. When the storms of this life come upon us he will help us stand firm and we will come out of our trials stronger and firmer in Christ. He will never let us down when we put our trust in him. I dont know there is such a different in the people that truly want Christ and this gospel in there lives here. They will do what ever they have to for the opportunity to make it to church. Like Javier who walked to church in the rain with his 2 children.These people are truly putting there faith in the lord these are the people that truly want to have the lord in there lives. This kinda reminds me of President Eyrings talk this past conference. The lord is always there for us and when we can not feel him in our lives it is because we are the ones that have changed. This has helped me this past week. I have really been searching for the lord and what it is he want Elder Charles and I to do down here in mexico.
   Dad that is so awesome that the zwhalens have that. I cant wait for the day when we are all in the temple together. I cant wait to see you and mom in the temple again. That is going to be the greatest day in the world when all 8 of us our in the temple together. I love you all so very much and I know that families are forever there is not a doubt in my mind. I know that this church the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is Christs church on the earth again. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and that Christ restored his church through him. I know that the book of mormon is the word of god. I read it everyday and my testimony is strenghtened each and everyday by its wordss. I have a challenge for all of you. The next time you are reading in your personal studies read moronies challenge and pray again if the book of mormon is true. In preach my gospel it says to do so. Every once in awhile. I love you all so very much and may god be with you till we meet again.
love your son, Brother and friend,
-Elder Ryan Thomas Lehikainen

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