Tuesday, February 12, 2013

January 21, 2013 Week #5 in Cosamaloapan

A Very Special Day, Elder Lehikainen's first Baptism

Sweet is the work, bringing souls unto Christ.

hola hola mi familia como estan??  I cant believe that this week has already gone by but what a wonderful week it has been. MARISOL was finally baptized and I was able to baptize her. What a wonderful blessing that was this week. She was confirmed yesterday by Obispo and the spirit was definately there with all of us. Her mom Margarita who we have been teaching as well was there and she asked us after the confirmation why she filled so warm and peaceful during the baptism and during the confirmation as well. It was so nice to be able to testify to her that the feeling she felt was the holy ghost testifying to her. She is a great lady and has alot on her plate but I just have a feeling that she is going to be baptized here pretty soon. So we had another great week with Mari and Carlos and there family. They are so great and lately I have been thinking about the people here in cosamaloapan I am supposed to find. My friends from our pre earth life that werent blessed like I was to grow up in the church. I know that Mari and Carlos are two of those people. Last night we had a great lesson with them at the church and we were just finishing up la ley de castidad y diezmo but there was such a strong spirit there. We got on the topic of fasting and Elder Charles and I were able to share with them that they were and are an answer to our fast and prayers. That was and will be a tender mercy. She is going to be baptized this saturday. We also have another baptism this saturday and his name is Oscar. Oscar is great we have been teaching him and his parents. He came to church this past sunday without his mom and dad but he told us how great church was and how excited he is for his baptism. The lord has blessed me so very much this week.
   Dang poor Nate. Dengay or how ever you spell it has been a scare of mine because of all the musco bites. I will keep him in my prayers and yeah I have been thinking about how all of us can speak spanish that will be really fun. I have been thinking how great it will be to see eachother in two years and know that we have given our all to the lord and have truly become men of god. Como the sons of mosiah. Tyler you stud you are probably bigger than me know I walk and sweat so much I have been losing all my muscle haha and because most of my diet is beans and rice lol the weather here has been kinda crazy one day it will be crazy hot and the next day freezing. There is a saying here about the weather for this time of year "februero loco y marso tampoco" lol. I love it down here and the people.
  We had zone conference this past week and Elder Alonso of the seventy was there that was pretty cool. He actually interviewed my companion just to get a view of how the missionaries are doing down here. He gave a great interactive talk. He said we need to get everyone of our investigators to truly live the doctrine of Christ and once they start to do that they can truly become converted. Soo I am in 3 nephi now and it is like waiting for Christmas to get to chapter 11 and read the teachings of the savior. I have been reading Jesus the Christ as well and am about halfway through. That book is awesome and to be honest it kinda blows my mind. Today I was re-reading my patriarchal blessing. And it is crazy how things show themselves to us as we need them and are searching for answers in our lives. My patriarchal blessing talks a alot of things in my life but this morning I read a line that really stuck out to me it says ryan put your faith and trust in him. Ask for his guidance and inpiration and as you do so remember that you must trust and follow that inspiration. This morning that is exactly what I needed to hear and more and more I find that I must continually humble myself and put my trust in the lord. He truly is always there for us. I have been using alot of verses from helaman lately and I have really enjoyed helaman 11. I would love it if you would read it.
   I love my mission I love the joy that we are able to recieve in this life when we serve. Yesterday we gave 5 blessings and it made me remember that we are here to serve and love the people. I love my savior more and more each and everyday. I know that he died for me and I know that he lives. I love all of you so very much and may god be with you till we meet again.
love your son, Brother, and friend,
-Elder Ryan Thomas Lehikainen

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