Friday, November 2, 2012

October 10, 2012

  Hola mi familia!! P-day numero 2 lol Emily yes I have my own personal shower. Dad we still practice HSI or SYL. My day consists of arise and prepare at 6:30 to 7 then personal study from 7 to 8 and then breakfast. Usually after breakfast we have language study with one of our teachers then we have additional language study from 10 to 11. then we teach one of our "investigators" then lunch. After lunch we have an hour of gym. We get ready for the day again. Then we have more companion or personal study. Then some more language study. Then dinner. After dinner from 6:30 to 9:30 we have class and teach our other investigator.
So How about general conference I never thought that I would enjoy conference so much and now I cant wait to hear from the leaders of our church again in 6 months. My favorite talk had to be Elder Holland. Last night we had our regular tuesday devotional and Elder Bednar came and taught us how we should study the conference talks after they had been printed in the ensign or online. He taught us to do these three steps as we look and the talks first: what Doctrine is in the talk Second: what is the speaker Inviting us to do thirdly: what Blessing are we going to recieve if we do live the doctrine they are teaching us and complete the invitation that they give us. He went over some 3 of the conference talks with us and we did this for all of them. It was surreal that I was being taught directly by an apostle of the lord.

 My Spanish is finally coming along pretty well as I started to focus on just learning the gospel terms and lessons that I needed know to become a tool in the lords hand my spanish started to come. Even though we are teaching practice investigators the spirit is still there with us testifying to me as well as my companions that our Heavenly father does love each and everyone of us and that Jesus is The Christ. As I continue to study and search the scriptures and literature that the Brethren have put out for us my testimony grows and I become more and more converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love you all so very much! Scripture of the Week John 4: 7-11

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  1. I love and look forward to your Scripture of the Week... keep on sending! Love, Auntie J