Tuesday, November 13, 2012

October 24, 2012

  Hola mi Familia como Estan?  This past week we have had some really great lessons. Of our four "investigators" two of them are being baptized come the first of the month. The teachers play the roles of the investigators which is pretty cool. They play people that they taught on there missions and they are still in contact with today. But as we teach and pray for these investigators the people that the teachers are playing are being blessed which took me awhile to realize. It is amazing how the spirit works and how much he testifies of Christ and the love of our heavenly father in our lives. For the past couple of days I have been finding myself trying to keep my heart softened I don’t know if I told you but our district combined and so we have like 8 teachers and each one is different.  This last week I was sick with that throat thing I always get. Anway, I usually stray away from asking from help from others and asking for a blessing but this past Sunday I felt like I needed one so I asked Elder Dow and Brother Monson if they could. I think asking for and receiving a blessing for being sick is  just what I needed. Brother Monson gives awesome counsel as well and it was my interview with him prior to the blessing that made me want to receive one. In our interview first he promised me if I had the faith that I would feel better and that is hard for me sometimes.  I am trying to work on that because I want to have that strong faith but it cant just appear I feel that comes over time and continually working on becoming a more converted servant of the lord .Second he explained that (this is his own thought) sometimes when we are sick physically it opens up space in our soul to become weak and that is the time that the adversary can make us feel bad and bring us down. But I guess this time the faith was there because in 30 or so minutes after I felt peace and so much better.
   Last Night Elder Echo Hawk and is wife came and spoke for our devotional and they shared there stories with us. Elder Echo Hawk is a convert to the church which was a supprise to me and he baptized his wife at the age of 19. He has so much love for the elders that baptized him and he could barely speak there names. What really changed his life was football he sat the bench until his senior year. Going into his senior year he wasnt very active in the church. His priest adviser knowing how much he loved sports went up to him one sunday and told him he wanted to train him. So he went to work and won the starting QB spot. Before the season started he got hit in the eye with a football and was told that he would possibly lose the sight of his right eye I believe. So he missed the first half of football. During that time he made a promise with his father in heaven and said lord if I am able to have my eyesight back I will read ten pages out of the book of mormon everyday until I finish. He received is eyesight back won over the QB position and recieved a scholarship to play at BYU where he played free safey all four years. That is a cool story he went on to say but the best story in there is the story of his conversion things do happen for a reason and through losing his eyesight he was brought to his father in heaven. Elder Echo Hawk went on to read ten pages a day or more all four years of college.
  This really touched me it reminded me of when I broke my leg and how you mom challenged me to turn to the lord. I didn’t do all that I should have then but I know that that happened to me for a reason. I shared some of that with the branch President last night in our post devotional conference and I said at first I was pretty angry with the lord for letting that happen to me and when I look back now that is the best thing in the world that could have happened to me.
  The scripture for this week is going to be 2 Nephi 2 I have been studying this a lot this week and it talks about the plan of salvation. I hope you can enjoy it as I have.
I know this church is true, there is not a doubt in my mind. I know and I can testify that Jesus is The Christ he is our savior and redeemer. I can testify to you that the book of mormon is true it is the word of god and I can testify to you my family that families are forever and our family will be and I say these thing in the name of our lord and savior jesus christ amen.

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